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This is the data collecting and tree construction program of the psnmp package.

The first thing you have to do before using treeb or psnmp is to create a file with database connection parameters:

database {
    server "myhost";
    user "myuser";
    password "mypassword";
    database "mydatabase";

You also have access to the corresponding server with theses database parameters. You can create the table with the script including with the distribution (sql/create.sql).

You must procede in this order:

  1. Purge all database and initialize its hosts-related tables with file (--ethers file)
  2. Query all the hosts in file (--hosts file), fetching general interface informations, IPs, and for network devices (switches, routers) their forwarding lists and VLAN-related configuration. Note that this step can take a very long time (especially when the algorithm has to guess VLAN/MAC dispatching).
  3. Finally, build the tree (--build).
  4. The Vlan configuration can be skipped with the option (--build).