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This is the graphical interface of the psnmp package. It draws the topology of the network which is stored in a database filled by treeb.

The screen is divided in three parts:

If you are in a VLANned network, the first thing you have to know is that treeb built one tree per virtual network. psnmp deals only with a tree at a time but it can merge many VLAN-trees if the merging does not create loops. At start, only the first VLAN is displayed. You can try to merge it with other VLANs or simply display another virtual network playing with the Vlans menu. Once your VLAN selection is done, click on Merge Vlans to do the job. If loops are detected, a message will be displayed and the first VLAN will be selected. Note that you have to click on Redraw map (View menu) to update the map; after the merging only the explorer tree is updated.

The map view is very configurable. It is centered on a particular host called the center host. After a redraw, the center host becomes the root of the tree. To change the center host, you can click on a host in the explorer tree, <Control> being pressed, or choose Recenter in the contextual menu of the map (right click on a host).

After each change in the Draw mode menu, you have to click one time on Redraw map to make it effective.

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